Buying a condo in Canada is always a great decision when you wish to enjoy the city life without having the budget to own a single-family house or a townhouse. Condos are the kind of housing structure that bring all the amenities of a city together with giving you the opportunity to live close to the office.

Plus, when you buy a condo you also get to enjoy a host of perks such as low taxes and almost negligible maintenance cost. And if you’re ready to live in a shared complex and enjoy the perks of community living, condos could be the best bet.

However, you should not expect all the hassles to go away simply because you’re buying a condo. There may be some nuisances and responsibilities that you need to face when you start living there. But before that, you must find a real estate broker to make the entire buying process as smooth as you expect. 

Here are some of the tips you can follow and find the perfect condo for sale in Canada – 

1. Hire a condo specialist broker

Property deals can always become more beneficial for buyers when they seek professional help. Because, a proper guidance can turn your entire condo buying journey as hassle-free as it should be. And when you have a condo specialist broker on board, you can expect great help along each step of the way, be it related to the documents, contracts, selection of neighbourhood etc. An agent may even share inside information that is otherwise not available in the market such as regarding the history of the building, reputation of the developer, existing repair hassles that are otherwise hidden and so on.   

2. Join the broker in online search

Even when you have hired a broker, it does not harm to join them in online search and give a personal touch to the entire buying journey. And when you too join the search, it will definitely broaden your knowledge about the property that can always come handy in future. Plus, the search you do alone might not be enough to understand property things as closely as it requires. The best and most reliable online resource to browse condo listing is as it’s run by the Canadian Real Estate Association. Some of other equally help resources you should consider are, and 

3. Read condo reviews on credible sources

An online search on a popular property site is almost always the first step most home buyers take when they plan to buy a new condo for sale. They usually visit the site, check the listings, compare the prices, peruse through the property pics and then make up their mind. This method of property search is indeed helpful but it relies too heavily on the numbers alone. You also need a source that gives you qualitative data. How about visiting a site that lists genuine condo reviews by owners and renters??? How about finding out the real stories of people who are already living in a condo and who could the best judge of all that you can expect in this type of structure???

4. Plan an in-person visit to the condo

Buying a home is always a big milestone in life. And maybe that’s why you’d always want the whole experience to be as exciting and rewarding as it can get.  So it makes perfect sense that you plan a physical visit to the condo and feel the joy of imagining the space you’d live in soon. With a personal visit, you can assess the layout, evaluate the space design and hopefully can ask questions to the developer or broker. There may be certain things you can notice as well that is otherwise not possible when you don’t go there at the site. You will certainly get more clarity on the property when you take time out of the schedule and have the viewing. 

5. Get a professional home inspection

Buyers often have a tendency to expect the things to move swiftly so that they can get the keys to the home at the earliest. And in such a rush, one step that is often neglected is a home inspection. And when you buy a home without an inspection from a third-party professional, you’re surely inviting some trouble. That means you’re risking yourself to live in a condo whose various key components, such as the wiring, roof, plumbing, layout, may not be carefully looked at or analysed. You will also have no idea whether the condo’s elements abide by the local building laws or safety standards. And these are surely a big risk to take with buying your dream home!

Final Thoughts  

Finding the perfect condo is never a luck but always a part of careful consideration and some planning. And when it comes to planning, having a broker can not only help with many aspects but can also ensure a great deal for you in the end.

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