Impact crushers are used in a wide variety of industries and are used due to their capability to crush and impact hard and cumbersome materials in various locations and for different purposes. You’ll find impact crushers used within aggregate production, mining operations, quarry industries, in recycling operations for everyday waste as well as the recycling of concrete and other materials, as well as within civil engineering works and the road construction sector.

There are a few big advantages to using an impact crusher:


Some crushers can only be used for one type of aggregate or application, whereas an impact crusher is versatile and offers the choice to work across various types of materials and sites. This is why you see effective use of impact crushers on sites as varied as a recycling plant and a quarry.

Cost savings

An impact crusher can save your project money that can be better used elsewhere on site and within the project. Jaw crushers and cone crushers, as two examples of other crusher types that are used together on site, cost more to use. An impact crusher has versatility in how it can be used, making it both a primary and secondary crusher, saving you time and money.

Deals with moisture and wet materials

The major benefit of impact crushers is that they can be used to crush materials that are wet or contain excessive moisture. Using an impact crusher is an effective tool to prevent the materials from clogging applications or other areas of a site. There are often challenges with the requirement of wet and soggy materials that require crushing or compacting, but with a good impact crusher this should be no problem.

Deals well with hardness of materials

A good impact crusher can deal effectively with a wide range of materials and hardness. This means that it has good enough momentum to crush harder materials without it causing excessive energy consumption in the process. Maintaining consistency across different material types without causing higher energy consumption to perform to the same standard, helps to keep projects within budget and time constraints.

Flexible application

Depending on what types of materials require crushing, an impact crusher can be adjusted to be ready to process depending on the size, type, hardness or material in question. We’ve seen how flexible a crusher can be on various sites and terrains, and with this flexibility it offers rare potential to maximise projects across multiple sites.

Good maintenance and repair

Utilising the services of reputable dealer for new and used equipment ensures that you have access to impact crushers that have been fully tested and maintained prior to your purchase and use, boosting productivity and standards.

Working with a company that has access to the latest models of impact crushers, site dumpers, and other pieces of large machinery and equipment as either new or used models for purchase, helps your project to move forward with clarity, with precision, and effectiveness. Impact crushers make a significant difference to the movement of a site, crushing stone and aggregates to be used for the next phase of construction or engineering, or to be removed as waste.