Home is where the heart is, it is our castle, our safe heaven. However, when your castle starts showing these fissures in the base walls, what will be the next step to take? Don’t panic! Despite the fact that foundation problems may scare you they can be easily treatable. 

Here’s the thing: your house can talk to you and it uses gaps and cracks to communicate. Let’s decipher this code and see if your foundation needs some TLC. If they do then call for foundation contractors Waterloo.

Sign #1: The Floor is Trying to Do the Macarena

Imagine this: you’re making breakfast, grooving to some tunes, when suddenly the floor feels uneven? Like it’s doing a weird wave motion? That’s your foundation telling you it’s settled unevenly. This can create cracks in your walls, floors, and doors and windows that would not open and close freely. Unstable floors are dangerous. For this reason, it is recommended to call in an expert to evaluate the circumstances first.

Sign #2: Cracks Are Appearing Like Unwanted Guests

Cracks happen, both in life and in foundations. But hairline cracks running horizontally along your foundation walls or large cracks around crawl space entryways are cause for concern. These could indicate foundation movement, and like a bad house guest, you don’t want that to overstay its welcome.

Sign #3: Doors and Windows Are Acting Up Like Moody Teenagers

Do your doors and windows suddenly feel like they’re throwing a tantrum? Sticking shut one minute, then refusing to close properly the next? This shiftiness can be a sign that your foundation is settling unevenly, causing doorways and windows to become misaligned. Frustrating, right? But a professional can help diagnose the problem and get your doors and windows back on their hinges (metaphorically speaking).

Sign #4: Water is a Top Crasher of Parties (And Basements Mostly)

Water is the source of life. However, it can become your enemy when it finds its way into your basement without your consent. For instance, a tiny chip in the foundation might allow water to seep through it. This leads to leaks, mold growth and a mustiness that smells very unpleasant. If you see water where it shouldn’t, get it repaired immediately. A healthy foundation would of course need a dry environment.

Sign #5: There’s a New Leaning Tower in Town (and it’s Not Pisa)

Do you wonder if your house is tilting? For example, as soon as you look at the chimney, it is off-centre and the porch is on the verge of sinking to one side. This is a matter that cannot be taken lightly and immediate assistance from a professional is recommended. Delay isn’t the key!  

To sign off 

As you will feel better when you tackle a common cold early, addressing the foundation problems early will save you a whole bunch of time, money, and stress. If any of these signs have been noticed, do not disregard them. Dial foundation contractors Waterloo to show up and do an inspection to find out the best remedy.