It starts with the shell. Choose your building metal frame size and style from our range of existing Barndominium designs, or create your own. We are manufacturers, so we can bring your vision to life, so your home is exactly what you are looking for. is what you want. With the selected design, we build the steel frame and provide all the necessary steel cladding and window/door construction. It is then manufactured and packaged so that the user or installer knows where what is when they need it. We can arrange delivery to your site or your installer can pick it up at our factory. Once installed, mobile-friendly how-to videos and an easy-to-reach customer service number are available so you can get help whenever you need it. Inside, it’s all about you. We will design the floor plan according to your request. Whatever your vision, the floor plan can fit your lifestyle. Build with wooden posts or order a metal frame. And you have so many options – every doorknob, every inch is yours. So is the wall arrangement if you’re looking for an open design.  Looking for more ideas? See barndominium Kits – Thinking outside the Box information. Materials, contractors and products are all your choices. Think of yourself as a general contractor. You are the boss here You manage subcontractors – or you do it yourself, as you wish. In some areas, we recommend local contractors who have worked with our products. If you want to fly solo, find your own vendors and experts, or are determined to do it all yourself, Buildmax Steel is for you.

The great thing about his DIY Barndominium kit from Buildmax Steel is that you can customize it however you like. From our standard building configurations to those designed from scratch, our engineers and fabricators can build to your design and assemble effortlessly and effortlessly on your premises. Flexibility is a big plus when it comes to DIY, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You can save money by choosing frugal interior design and improve it over time if your finances allow. For floors and countertops, for example, you can use polished concrete slabs for several years and install hardwood or marble if the budget allows. If every dollar matters, invest in a little more space and the best windows you can find, rather than worrying about fancy countertops and flooring. It takes decades to grow into a space and shape it  the way you want it. The Barndominium Kit includes:

  • steel frame
  • Outer wall
  • full roof
  • Simple but complete instructions included

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Barndominiums are great living and working spaces, whatever your business activity. In today’s remote work revolution, Barndominiums provides live work opportunities for people of all walks of life. Today, more than ever, we recognize the importance of a life-work balance, and many are rediscovering the peace of living in the countryside. Greatly improves work balance and productivity.