A pest infestation can spell disaster for your restaurant. In addition to contaminating the food and creating a health risk, pests like rats, mice, and termites can damage your stock and property. They can also ruin your restaurant’s reputation and drive away your patrons. This is why experts recommend regularly scheduling professional pest control inspections and treatments. The frequency can range from quarterly to monthly depending on the following five factors.  

The Age and Construction of the Building

During a commercial pest control Shreveport inspection, your pest control expert will usually consider your restaurant’s age and construction. Older buildings with intricate architectural features tend to be more susceptible to pest infestations. This is because they contain more crevices, fissures, cracks, and hiding spots where pests can nest and hide. Because of this, they often require more frequent treatments. Monthly or quarterly is a good frequency.

Frequency and Quality of Pest Control Treatments

It also matters how often you get pest infestations and how effective past treatments have been. If your restaurant is prone to outbreaks, you may need to hire a professional more frequently than if you only get one infestation every few years. You should also consider how past treatments have worked for your restaurant previously. If you still retain a pest problem mere weeks after a treatment session, inform your pest-control expert so they can modify their approach and chemicals.  

Access Points

The number of access points in your restaurant can determine the frequency and volume of pest infestations on the premises. Passageways like windows, doors, pipes, and gutters are entry points, allowing different pests to access your restaurant. Naturally, the more access points your property has, the higher the risk of infestations. This is why it is crucial to seal these gaps. Seal gutters and crevices if you cannot lock your restaurant doors during active hours.

Surrounding Conditions

Of course, securing your restaurant from the inside is only one piece of the puzzle. Pests arrive on your property from the outside, meaning the outside has to be conducive for rodents, termites, and fleas to thrive there. Some restaurants are in high-risk zones. Areas where pests abound include next to stagnant water bodies or bushy areas. If your restaurant is next to a pond, river, or forest, you may see more pests and require frequent appointments.


Pests also thrive in dark and damp areas like in bushes or behind dumpsters. If the area surrounding your restaurant is dark due to a lack of neighboring businesses or inadequate exposure to the sun, you may see more pests than other properties. You can fix this by shining light toward your entryways and installing outdoor lighting. You should also clear bushes and cut overhanging branches that could keep natural light from reaching your restaurant.  

The Best Prevention is Professional Prevention

Pest control management is necessary to run a healthy, safe, and successful restaurant. You can find out how often you need an inspection and treatment by talking to an expert. Trained pest control experts like the Anti-Pest team can assess the condition of your property and other factors to determine the level and frequency of help you need. Call today to schedule a consultation.