Living in Lake Norman is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts, what with water activities like boating, swimming, fishing, hiking trails, golf courses, and tranquil parks. But what if you are not an outdoor person? It is still okay. The Lake Norman real estate market offers stunning homes that you can make even more breathtaking by infusing luxury into your kitchen. Your kitchen is the focal point of your home, and a few touches here and there can breathe new life into it and your Lak Norman experience. Here are five things you can do or change.

Install Untraditional Layer Lighting

Many of the homes you will see while browsing with Lake Norman NC real estate agent Maureen Roberge feature lighting. However, to get the full luxury experience, you can install layer lighting in your kitchen. Eschew traditional fixtures and layouts and try an eclectic mix of interesting lights like vintage candlesticks with scented candles, fairy lights, side lamps, and vintage chandeliers or glass shades. Layer two or three lights to create a stunning visual effect. 

Throw Around Some Textiles

Current trends are leaning toward making kitchens more cozy and homely rather than utilitarian and functional. With this trend, kitchens are looking more like living rooms than kitchens where you and your loved ones can sit around, share a meal, and swap stories of the day. To bring this aesthetic into your kitchen, break the clean lines and hard surfaces with tactile fabrics. Throw some fabric on tabletops, chairs, windows, walls, and more.  

Restyle the Shelving

You can breathe so much life into your space just by redoing the shelving and cabinets. And while options abound, a timeless classic is to turn your shelves into display cases. If your kitchen shelves are open or glass-fronted, use them to showcase your chicest glassware, dinnerware, and silver. Incorporate decorative pieces like gourds and vases and center a plant or art piece. 

Lay Out Chic Kitchenware

You know all those times you have bought something nice for your kitchen only to stow it away and only take it out when guests are around? Well, now you can use them for décor. Take out those high-quality artsy pieces and display them artfully around your kitchen. Place luxe pots on the shelves, rustic-chic bowls and boards on the table, knife blocks on the kitchen island, and more.

Replace Old Fixtures

The hardware in your kitchen can make a world of difference when it comes to luxury. Replace the finishing touches in your space, including door, drawer, and cabinet handles, with newer, sleeker models. Go for custom-made shapes made from premium materials like leather, brass, or nickel for a refined look.

Explore Lake Norman Homes for Sale with Maureen Roberge

Spanning 34 miles, Lake Norman is a man-made lake with over 550 miles of shoreline. The North Carolina gem is a coveted residential destination due to its eclectic mix of outdoor fun and modern living. People move here for the stunning scenery, vibrant community, access to major cities like Charlotte, and the hot Lake Norman real estate market. If you are ready to move here, contact local real estate expert Maureen Roberge to start looking at homes for sale in Lake Norman.