Ipe wood has gained popularity as an outdoor decking material over the past few decades. The Ipe woods are extremely dense and strong making them an appropriate material for decks.

The most significant benefit of ipe decking is its hardness, strength, and wear resistance.

Its high density makes it immune to foot traffic and dragging furniture which could cause dents or scratches. Though many wood materials suffer from nicks and crevices with age, decks made of Ipe will remain smooth for many years. Moreover, the tight grain structure ensures durability against impacts therefore it can be used in two-storey buildings or where there are children playing.

Aesthetically, ipe hardwood decking Florida provides a beautiful, rich color and natural grain patterns that enhance the style of any home or landscape. Its red and brown shades add sophistication, while its fine-grained texture is more consistent than most other deck woods. It also maintains its smooth texture and rich color throughout its lifetime, retaining that like-new look for about 40 years. The surface will not need to be stained, sealed, or otherwise modified to keep looking good as it should. Its color softens into an elegant silver patina over extended periods in the sun.

As far as the environment is concerned, ipe wood has better features than ordinary pressure-treated lumber. Chemically-treated pine and fir use heavy metals and toxic substances for preservation; also, ipe is naturally resistant to molds, bugs, and rot without chemical agents. Also, ipe decking comes from well-managed forests that are strictly regulated by law.  Furthermore, due to its long lifespan, an ipe deck significantly decreases the time you must install a new deck, thus reducing unnecessary wastage.

The only better part of ipe decking is the higher initial cost. Ipe can be 2 to 3 times as expensive as bare pressure-treated deck boards. When one factors in total lifetime costs, an ipe wood deck is often a better value even though it has higher initial purchase and installation prices than other woods.  With remarkable hardness and durability, built-in mold and fire resistance, beautiful style, environmental sustainability, and lifetime value, ipe hardwood makes an excellent choice for long-lasting outdoor decking.


As a result of tolerating no upkeep for decades yet remaining structurally sound while still looking good for years on end, ipe decking has established itself as the gold standard in outdoor living. While some might consider it a bit pricey for a homeowner who desires nothing but a top one dependable, hassle-free deck, these inherent benefits are worth considering.