Flies are such a common problem for every homeowner that every person encounters them at some point in their life. Flies are seemingly harmless, but ignoring them can easily lead to an infestation. They can create a lot of issues if you remain unaware of them. You must have thought to yourself, “Why are these insects so difficult to kick out of the house?”

Indeed, flies are clever, quick, and stubborn. You can sit with your swatter the whole day and not catch a single one. To deter them, it is important to understand what invites them into your property and why it is so hard to get them out. For effective control, call professional Round Rock pest control today. 

How climate factors affect fly presence

Flies, like any other insects, are largely affected by the changes in the weather. Again, like most insects, flies prefer a warm and humid environment. That is exactly what Texas offers. Texas is a kind of place where flies thrive for most part of the year. The warmer weather helps them to reproduce and develop their babies. Therefore, they are more drawn towards it.

Other things that attract flies include rotting trash, overripe fruits, and excess moisture. You must make sure that your home is free of things that these flies love. Once they get in, it becomes a trouble. 

Why is it so hard to get flies out of your home?

Flies are very tiny creatures that do not require a large space to get inside your house. Moreover, they move very quickly. They also have a wide vision that allows them to look at every threat coming from every direction. But, it is their brain that plays a larger role. 

Flies have the upper hand because their brain and eyes help them to process images quickly. While humans see 60 flashes of light per second, flies see 250 of them. This means that their world moves in a way slower motion than humans. 

This is why when you try to kill them with your swatter, it becomes difficult to get them. They already know you are trying to kill them long before you can reach them. 

Tips to keep flies out

Flies enter your home through the smallest gaps. Therefore, you must be very careful. Here are some tips you can follow: 

  • Ensure your doors and windows are not broken.
  • Identify gaps and cracks and seal them. 
  • Reduce moisture and remove stagnant water around your house.