With the Christchurch rental market full of competition, it can be challenging for your property to stand out from the crowd. Buying your investment property is only the first step, as you are responsible for ensuring prospective tenants are going to like what they see. Preparing your rental property to be market-ready requires investing some time and effort into making it as attractive a living option as possible. 

Christchurch tenants want to see the value in the properties they inspect, and it’s your job to bring out the best qualities of your investment property. If you need help doing this, then follow these 3 tips from real estate agents Christchurch and your rental property will be market-ready in no time. 

  • Tidy Up the Yard 

Before prospective tenants see any part of your property’s interior, they will make their very first impressions based on the outside yard. It’s recommended that you clean up any outside lawns, gardens, and other exterior features before you put your property on the market. Some of the specific jobs that you or a professional should complete include: 

  • Mowing the grass
  • Weeding the gardens 
  • Trimming any trees or bushes that are overgrown 
  • Taking out and/or replacing any plants that have died 
  • Painting the outside of the property, especially if the paint is peeling 

By having a nice and tidy yard, you are instantly going to make a strong first impression to any prospective tenants when they pay your property a visit. 

  •  Carry Out Any Necessary Repairs 

Tenants want to know that they are choosing a property that won’t be constantly falling down around them. If they notice damage scattered throughout the property, then they are far less likely to apply for a lease or sign one at your asking price. This is why you need to carry out any necessary repairs – both big and small – before you open the doors to visitors. 

Repairs can be as simple as making sure all the locks work properly, to more drastic projects such as replacing the unstable stairs outside. You can also conduct renovations to certain areas of the property – such as the kitchen or bathroom. These renovations will cost you in the short-term, but they will make the property a more attractive living choice for tenants and allow you to leverage a higher rental price for the long-term. 

  • Make Sure You Have a Good Property Manager 

The final tip for preparing your Christchurch rental property for the market is to ensure you have a reliable, local property manager on your side. It’s true: there is a lot that goes into getting your property as market-ready as possible. But with a good property manager helping you out, a lot of this responsibility will fall on them, giving you the peace of mind that your investment will pay off. 

A local Christchurch property manager will have expert knowledge on the local property market, a range of connections to trusted service provides who can help prepare your property, and the marketing resources to get the word out there that your property is worth renting. All of these skills combine to give you the best chance of finding a suitable tenant, obtaining a profitable lease, and keeping that vacancy rate as low as possible. 

Preparing Your Christchurch Rental Property 

By following these tips and collaborating with the right Christchurch property management services, you will have everything you need to make your Christchurch rental property a desirable option for prospective tenants. So, grab your paint brush and screwdriver, and get to work turning your investment property into the ideal rental living space.