A home is always a good investment, especially when you choose its location wisely. One popular destination for homebuyers is the Polish Capital, Warsaw. While Warsaw doesn’t have a profound historical charm like Torun, Gdansk, or Wroclaw, it promises more regarding cultural diversity, business, employment, studies, and many other reasons. Below are six reasons you may want to relocate to Warsaw and, more importantly, buy a house there.

Smoother Transition

Obtaining a temporary or permanent residency in Warsaw, Poland, is not difficult. For example, citizens from the Schengen area, which features 26 countries including Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Malta, and Austria, don’t need a visa to visit Warsaw for 90 days and, after that, can easily apply for a 2-year temporary residence.

Even better, Poles are friendly people, open to new cultures and ideas. Though Polish is the official language, many people in Warsaw speak and understand English, making it easy to settle after relocating to Warsaw.  

Well-Developed Public Transport

The public transport sector in Warsaw is more developed than in most cities. You may not need your car to commute as you can easily hop into a metro, tram, or bus. What’s more, the ticket prices aren’t too expensive. With only 25 euros, you can get a monthly ticket living in Warsaw. 

Free Education (In Public Schools)

If you have kids, you don’t have to worry about paying their school fees unless you want to take them to private schools. Public schools in Poland are generally free for both locals and foreigners. Besides, even private schools aren’t as expensive as in other countries.

Favorable Real Estate Market

Poland’s current house price-to-income (HPI) ratio is 97.5%, better than France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Russia, and many other European countries. That means owning a home in Poland is cheaper than in most countries.

That also reflects on the Warsaw real estate sector,  where you can get a 2, 3, or 4-bedroom house for under $250,000 with the help of a real estate company like Geoff Cavender.

Many Attraction Spots

Warsaw has it all if you are looking for sporting pursuits such as swimming pools, tennis courts, ski slopes, or art galleries and theatres to celebrate the local culture. The Polish culture is quite vibrant in the Capital, and many spots exist to celebrate it. While at it, you also get to enjoy cuisines such as Pieroggi (local dumplings) and Golonka (stewed pork knuckles)

Investment Opportunity

You don’t have to buy a home in Warsaw only to live there daily. Look at it as an investment you can rent out or lease out for the period you won’t stay there and earn some rental income.

Ready to Own a Home in Warsaw?

Visit Geoff Cavender today for the best homes for sale in Warsaw. Their team of real estate professionals will help you find a home within the Capital that matches your budget, family or vacation needs and personal taste. They understand the Warsaw real estate market better. They can assist you in identifying a property at a location that suits you and one that can hold its value for much longer.