Panel Blinds are cleaned by dividing the whole process into the cleaning of screen, quartz accent and frame. Clean with a soft damp cloth. Do not clean in the washing machine, or wash it separately. The truth is that the best way to clean your blinds is to roll up the blinds and shake or slam each panel down onto the floor several times. You can also use compressed air, but be sure that it doesn’t go near your eyes or face while you do this. Cleaning process of blinds can be done by wet cleaning, dry cleaning, and deep cleaning. In most cases, deep cleaning is required more often than the dry cleaning method.

Panel Blinds are mainly cleaned by gently wiping it with a soft cloth to remove dust and fingerprints. The washing equipment is at your disposal. Clean your window coverings with care. Using a damp cloth or sponge, clean away any dust/debris from your blinds and ensure that you dry them properly to prevent mold damage and other issues. Moreover, you can consider it as your ideal choice when it comes to repairing broken or damaged window curtains.

Myths about Panel Blinds:

Panel blinds are a great way of hiding unsightly spaces and so it’s natural to assume that they can be easily damaged by every day wear and tear. However, these are the most common myths associated with them – some are more likely than others but none of these should affect your decision to go for them. Panel blinds used to be a limited choice. They were seen as decorative and not very versatile. While they are still not accessible to everyone, modern day panel window blinds are practical and attractive. Panel Blinds are hard to clean. It’s a myth! Panel Blinds are like any other blind or shade and can be cleaned using the same methods used for other kinds of shading or blocking.

Ways to use Panel Blinds:

Panel Blinds are ideal for window treatments in any room. Use them as room dividers, privacy panels, or to hide flat-panel TV screens from view. They provide functional, decorative and functional benefits within your home. Panel Blinds are a versatile and easy way to add privacy to your windows. From dining rooms to bathrooms, there are many ways you can use these self-adjusting blinds. Panel Blinds are perfect for creating privacy. They can be used inside the home like in bathrooms and bedrooms, or on the exterior of your house to keep the sun out while allowing light in during the day. Panel blinds are versatile and can be used for light control and privacy. They help push light away from your home by blocking the glare of bright lights, replace privacy window shades or blinds to add a decorative element to your décor, create a fascinating reveal of different colors on different days during the year, or as a fly screen for an activity room. Because of it’s decorative styles most of people prefer it.