When you are searching for the right apartment or condo to meet your needs you are going to find a lot of options out there. From modern and luxury apartments such as Marina View Residences, to smaller ones like studio apartments. Your finances are a big factor and it will be about things like location and what your specific needs are. A studio apartment is somewhere around 400 to 600 square feet with an all-in-one living, kitchen and sleeping space, a bathroom and sometimes a small patio or balcony. Here is a closer look at studios, how they differ from one-bedroom apartments and what to expect before you leap into buying one.

Questions to ask about a studio apartment

  1. How much room do you need in terms of square feet?
  2. Do you need access to clothes and dishwashing machines in the studio?
  3. What will you need to access?
  4. Is it just for one person? Will there be someone visiting often that will need sleeping space?

When you live in a studio space its size means it costs less to buy or rent, and the bills living there will be less too. Downsizing is one way to decide what things are really important to you and what are not. Studios are often in central and desirable locations so while you lose in the size of the apartment you gain in what you have access to in the city or town.

Things to keep in mind about studio or small apartment living

Unlike with an apartment in Marina view residences the big challenge with a studio apartment is of course the lack of space. There are no distinct areas to separate sleeping, cooking and living, there is very little storage and it requires a person to get creative with how they divide the space and how one thing should have multiple uses. Have a bed that turns into a sofa for the day, or a bed that folds up against the wall. Have a window seat that is also a place for storing bedding. Go up higher with shelving than you might normally go!

One-bed apartment or studio apartment?

There are a few main differences between the two options as outlined below.

  • Square footage is smaller – one-bedroom apartments are 700 to 800 sq ft and studios 500 to 600
  • The layout is different – a studio has one space and then a separate bathroom, whereas a one-bedroom apartment has a living space that often has a small kitchen at one side, then a separate bedroom, and a separate bathroom.
  • Designing a studio apartment needs more creativity – In order to make the most of the space you will need to be more creative with furniture, equipment, decoration and more. A studio takes a lot more thought.
  • The price is less for a studio – Whether renting or buying with the smaller space you pay less. It can make a very good choice for a first-time move.
  • Fewer in-unit amenities with a studio – You would struggle to fit in a dishwasher, a washing machine or dryer, and storage will be minimal. You get more space in a one-bedroom apartment with Marina view residences or elsewhere so you can manage those things a lot easier.