Mini excavator hire has changed the game for many within the construction industry. Whether you require the use of a mini excavator for a landscaping project, for trenching on a larger job, or any other type of residential or commercial construction project, they can come in very handy. In the past, when only larger, traditional excavators were available, there were often hard-to-reach places on site that could have done with the use of a smaller excavator to dig and move debris and supplies. Whereas the time and cost of manual labour in these cases would cause strain to any project, mini excavators now ensure that these tasks have become a simple, everyday part of life on a construction site.

The benefits of mini excavator hire

The major benefit of a mini excavator is that it offers great practicality and manoeuvrability in areas of a construction site where you may have struggled in the past. A smaller site and a smaller spot of land that requires the use of a mini excavator, doesn’t necessarily mean that the task will be less demanding than a larger task. Moving dirt is the function you have hired a mini excavator for, so you need to understand the capacity of the average mini excavator to dig. 

There are different demands and factors that need to be taken into consideration of course. Your plant hire agreement will include a consultation where a specialist will help you choose the right mini excavator for the task at hand. Landscaping, digging, trenching, and other tasks might require smaller or larger capacities and have site factors that will determine which choice is better for your needs.

Within residential and smaller commercial sites, it is likely that the depth is restricted by the obstacles found underground and the specifications of the project. Mini excavators can get into those tight, hard to reach spaces within a site though, offering a stable and robust digging potential without compromising on the lifting capacity of the excavator.

What are the soil conditions?

The amount of dirt that you can move depends on the type of soil, the density of the soil and its moisture content. You must work out the weight of the soil per cubic metre and from there the load-bearing weight of the mini excavator, as well as its precise location and any restrictions to movement due to the site. In average cases, a mini excavator with a trained operator at the controls, can dig around 40 cubic yards in an hour, with a 0.0m3 capacity bucket. For basic landscaping and trenching tasks, you can complete most of what you require within a few hours of working. 

Your plant hire company can help you with hiring a mini excavator for your upcoming construction project. Some sites are very difficult to get around, with tight restrictions for delivery, and tight areas that require digging to be performed but where large traditional excavators cannot reach. Understanding how much digging you can do with a mini excavator will help you in deciding when the right time is to hire this fine piece of machinery. Your plant hire specialist has the knowledge and expertise to help you make those correct choices and to maximise performance on site.