With summer on the horizon, the thought of a chilly and cozy home becomes a blessing that replaces the heat of the sun. But if your AC produces noises or stops working completely, the great dream of a hot summer’s day can become a nightmare of sweating.

The good news is that many AC problems can be prevented by doing a little regular maintenance work. If everything fails you can always call for AC repairing Frostproof services.

 Here are some essential tips to keep your AC running effortlessly and ensure a cool and comfortable summer:

1.Replace the Air Filter Frequently

The filter is like the lungs in your body, and it performs a critical role when it comes to an air conditioner. It has the ability to keep down on the dust, dirt and allergies that bounce around your house.

A dirty filter could be an obstacle to the airflow that will consequently force an AC unit to keep working harder in order to keep your living area cool. This is not only ineffective and costly but may shorten the lifespan of the equipment as well.

Frequency: The frequency of filter replacement is mainly dependent on the number of household occupants or whether or not the house has pets. It also depends on the overall quality of the air. Nevertheless, an efficient rule of a thumb is to replace it every month in the spring and summer (that is typically peak heating) and  every 2 to 3 months in the winter and fall.

Filter Quality: Not all air filters are of high quality and many wont be as effective. The low-cost paper filters are less efficient in filtering out allergy triggers. One possibility is to opt for pleated filters, as they are better at trapping particles and require less frequent replacement.

2.Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Just like you would treat your car the same way you should treat your air conditioning. Once in a while, a qualified HVAC professional is needed for the right tune-up. Here’s what a typical tune-up might include: 

Cleaning: The technician will clean up the dirt and debris, which pose an obstacle to the heat exchange processes of the condenser coils.

Inspection: They will examine critical parts for wear and tear and probe for optimum refrigerant levels. They will identify any budding issues that can quickly blow up into major breakdowns in the future.

Adjustment: The technician will guarantee that the AC efficiency is good. This might help you to save some money on your energy bills.

The tuning up frequency can be changed by many factors, such as the system age and type, and also the climate in the area. The tuning should be done at least once a year or every 1-2 years. 

3.DIY repairs you can do at home

While some AC maintenance tasks require professional expertise, there are a few things you can do yourself to keep your system running smoothly: 

Clear Debris: Clear away all the leaves, twigs, and other junk that could keep the outside condensation unit from breathing properly. This ensures that enough air circulation and heat dispersal is possible.

Check the Thermostat: Be sure that the setting of your thermostat is the desired temperature and that it works perfectly fine. In several cases, a broken thermostat can lead to the AC running ineffectively.

Keep Vents Clear: Be sure to leave space near vents or air returns for the air to circulate. Lack of airflow can overload your AC unit and cause a lack of even cooling.

Bonus Tip: Regularly mowing the lawn will prevent debris and grass clippings for piling up near the outdoor condenser unit.

To sign off 

These preventative maintenance tips will immensely help in keeping your AC operating smoothly and efficiently all summer long. In the end, the starting point for a cool and manageable house is a working AC system. Hence, it’s your role to make sure that your AC is ready to take up the heat! If everything fails you can always call for AC repairing Frostproof services.