Are you moving to London? You have got a job or PR? Life in the capital is thrilling and fun filling. Buying a home or flat in London is out of reach in the initial stage. London apartment for rent is a viable option to settle in London.

Before embarking on the foreign journey, check with the following tips to help find the right renting portion that saves you from the great game. Exploring all options before booking saves you more in cost and comfort.

Complete guide to rent a flat in London

Everyone wishes to settle in the capital country, as the salary is high and the cost of living is more luxurious. London’s market is extremely competitive. The apartment rent is highly expensive than in the rest of the UK.

Check online: Search for rental prices in each area gives the best idea of dealing with. Try a search using Google Maps, rental websites, and rental apps. On weekends, many landlords will list their rental property online, and check online prices, especially on weekends.

Plan ahead: With the fine tune search, you get a better idea than before. Now check with the nearby location flats and choose the ideal one that perfectly suits your needs.

Rent in nearby areas

Just walk around the working place and finding a rental apartment near your office area helps reduce traveling charges and travel time. Just check with the To-let signs and show your interest in renting the flat. Some properties will not be listed on the website, as the landlord may be a senior citizen.

Sign up to portals and London letting agents

It is possible to appoint letting agents for flats to rent in London. While signing up with the agents, be specific with the property portals, and flat essentials, and filter the needs. The fine-tuned search helps in demanding with the letting agents.

Pros of finding a Letting Agent

Client Money Protection: Registered agency holds insurance that helps in protecting the renters in deposit money and rental money.

Redress scheme: When there is a dispute between the owner and tenant the redress scheme will adjudicate in resolve the issues.

Reputation: Appointing the letting agents helps in standard reputation. It ensures standard in finding a flat and also ensures professionalism.

Cons of Using a Letting Agent

Cost: Finding a rental apartment on your own will cost no penny. Appointing the letting agents is more expensive as they included added costs against agent fees.

Repairs: Under repair, you must wait until the vetted tradespeople must come and repair the thing. You don’t have any other choice.

Spare Room: Most of the properties listed on web site will be done by letting agents. After booking they may place you in the spare room till getting the real one. It is very important to get aware of this problem.


Finding a London apartment for rent is merely hard. Don’t ever give up hope, as there are plenty of places available without listing in web properties. Be positive, and you can find the right place for you.