With the whole world looking for ways in which effective sustainable practices can be implemented in a wide array of industries and sectors, there are a few areas where there is more of a pressing need to switch to sustainable fuels. The construction industry and other areas of heavy industry that continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels to power practices, must look at different ways they can move towards net zero emissions One way in which you can make a big difference to your energy consumption is through the provision of power, in terms of what types of generators you use on site. Solar generator hire and solar hybrid generators for use on construction sites, maintaining high levels of efficiency whilst significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the project.

What is a solar hybrid generator?

This is a generator system that combines the great renewable power of solar energy with a battery powered generator. What this means, is that it is the perfect modern generator for a multitude of site projects and industries. It provides a reliable power supply that offers efficiency and uses both conventional and renewable power. Most commonly, solar hybrid generators are used in remote sites, temporary locations, and other areas where there is on-going work, such as on construction sites, road work, and where railways are being constructed and maintained, to name just a few.

What are the benefits of a solar generator for your project?

There are a few different benefits to hiring a solar generator for your site and project. This includes:

A reduction in your environmental project – one of the biggest advantages to hiring a solar generator is that it will significantly reduce your environmental impact. Diesel generators have traditionally been used in construction and other similar sectors, and these create harmful pollutants and add to greenhouse gases. Solar hybrid generators, in comparison, are clean, utilising renewable energy from the sun and producing zero direct emissions when in operation.

Lower your costs – once the generator is installed, the solar power itself is essentially free, relying on sunlight to create the electricity that you will use to power your site and project. Another reason your costs will lower is that solar hybrid generators require little to no maintenance, cutting the costs associated with fixing any problems and routine maintenance.

Become energy independent –  in remote locations and challenging sites there can often be a problem with sustaining a constant energy source. By hiring a solar hybrid generator, you can become more energy independent, ensuring that even if there is no solid connection to the grid, or there is a blackout, that you have access to a generator to help power the site.

Lower noise pollution – with a solar hybrid generator you won’t just experience lower noise pollution, it will make almost no noise at all. This is especially important for sites that are located in or close to residential areas, helps to improve the quality of working life for the contractors on site, and helps to build better relationships with the local community.

There are a wide range of benefits associated with the use of solar generators. Especially when you look at industries such as the construction sector, or other areas where there has traditionally been a heavy reliance on fossil fuels to power the work, it is important to find new ways in which you can move forward positively in terms of finding new ways to lower your carbon footprint, use renewable energy sources wherever possible, and maintain a high and consistent standard of productivity, efficiency, and safety levels. Find a supplier of solar generator hire that can furnish you with the correct solar hybrid generator to suit your project, site, and budget.