There are a lot of great things about choosing to have a walk-in shower versus a traditional one. You can still have a lovely shower door company Stafford township, or where you are, handle beautiful shower doors, but you also get more room and better accessibility. Here is a look at the kind of accessibility features you could enjoy, and what kind of options you have when it comes to materials.

Enjoy the freedom accessibility features offer

Accessibilty features make it easier for everyone to get in and out of the shower. Here are some of the more popular features.

Non-slip flooring – Important so that people getting in do not hurt themselves since people with mobility issues already, will be more prone to slipping and falling.

A built-in bench – Having a bench is a great option since it gives the user the opportunity to sit if they need to and shower themselves. Sometimes people cannot stand for long periods of time, if at all.

Grab bars – Placing bars gives the person a place to hold onto that offers support and stability especially when getting in and out of the shower.

Low or no curb – Some people have trouble stepping into regular showers especially getting their legs over a bathtub side. A lower entry or no curb at all it an important aspect of accessibility.

A handheld showerhead – This means they can move the showerhead to where they need the water if they are not able to stand and move their body around to clean themselves.

Materials walk-in showers might be made of

You can actually get walk-in showers made from a range of different materials, it depends on what you have in the bathroom already and what you prefer as well as your budget. As well as talking to a shower door company Toms River, take a look at your options.

Acrylic – When you need something affordable Acrylic could be the answer. It is easy to clean and durable so is low maintenance too. But cracking and scratching can happen over time.

Tile – People like tile for showers because it looks nice, comes in different patterns and colors and it is durable and easy to clean. But it is harder to install and is more expensive.

Fiberglass – This is another affordable option that is easy to install and very lightweight. It is not as durable as other options though and can fade and crack over time.


When you want a walk-in shower you need to set yourself a realistic budget. You can get them from anything around a few hundred up to many thousands. Don’t forget that on top of the cost of the shower you have to pay for the installation of additional features, and for the chosen shower door company Stafford township or where you are.


It is exciting when choosing a walk-in but you need to consider some important factors, such as features and materials, as well as other things like style, size, showerheads and

Choosing the perfect walk-in shower for your bathroom can be an exciting and shower door company Toms River.