We have a lot of reasons why we’d like to leave our homes and sell them rather than keep these units empty. Our children may not yet understand why we’ll have to move out, but they should know that this isn’t an easy decision for us. So if you’d like to sell your properties in Lancaster County, then you should be looking for trustworthy real estate agents first.

You may enlist a house for sale to agencies, depending on where your property is located. You may choose  Wolf and Webb Realtors, for instance, or other licensed firms when your property is in Lancaster, PA. All of these agencies deal with the same transactions anyway, though you still need to find one that can sell your homes faster when you’re in a rush.

Some of you might be thinking that these agencies will simply list your property on their website for potential buyers to choose from. But that’s not their only job because they have to work on documents, check the physical units, handle negotiations, etc. Therefore, if it’s your first time asking for their services, then you better learn more about contracting a real estate agent in Pennsylvania.

Why should you hire a realtor in Lancaster, PA?

Selling a house could be a very tough job because you have a lot of documents to prepare. You’ll need to tour potential buyers when they request it from sellers. Thus, you have to market your home and entertain the guests since they’re interested in purchasing such a property.

Now, if you’re a busy homeowner because you have a career, then you’ll miss the opportunity to meet homebuyers. That’s why we have all the reasons to contract realtors when we’re selling houses – see https://www.parealtors.org/blog/do-i-really-need-a-realtor/ for further reading.

  • The experts when it comes to sales.
  • Experienced in this field.
  • Lowers the potential risk.
  • Well-versed in managing the processes.
  • Have connections to people or offices that can help with the transactions.
  • Can find time to verify interested buyers before touring your homes.
  • Provides an updated list of properties for sale.
  • Upfront tasks are usually free and collect fees only after closing the deal.

Dual Agents

If possible, you should avoid dealing with a double agent. This means that he works both for the seller and buyer which could complicate things. It may also lead to confusion and difficulties when they’re giving favors.

He should only represent you so that the focus will only be on selling your unit. When he is also rooting for the buyer, he’ll have to multi-task. It would be a lot of work but only favors a realtor since he’ll be getting more from the commission – click this for more info.

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Comparing Real Estate Agencies

The easiest way to compare agencies would be through searching online. Let’s assume that you’d only want to consider the top three candidates. So list them down and gather all the information you can get from search engines.

Consider their reviews, ratings, listing sold, and the pricing. The price range shouldn’t be too low since this requires no effort and can easily get sold. If it’s too high, then buyers may turn down such an offer right away.

It would be good to know the number of properties sold in this area. However, this is sometimes due to luck or coincidences. Therefore, look for other details that would stand out and drive you to hire them.

Interviewing Qualified Realtors

Since your property is in Lancaster, you should visit the agency in this locality as well. You should ask them everything that you need to know regarding their services. Act as if you’re conducting a job interview and throwing questions to applicants.

  • Do you have experience in real estate, marketing, and sales?
  • How long have you been selling houses in this area?
  • Have you sold properties and how many are they?
  • Aside from listing my home for sale, how else do you plan to market?
  • Can you explain what marketing strategies can be applied?
  • Will you visit my property before suggesting a price range?

Those are just a few of the questions you may ask them. Thus, use their responses to find out if they’re qualified based on your standards. By the way, they won’t mind you asking them because they’re also aware that you’re just being cautious.

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Avoid Unrealistic Pricing

Make sure that price ranges are realistic. Other buyers might think that you’re not serious when properties are listed at very low prices. If it’s more expensive than the actual worth, then they’ll also think that you don’t want it sold.

If the agent is trying to convince you that he can sell your home at an odd rate, then be firm. You better check other rates first before agreeing with them. Pricing would be a crucial part here, thus, a realtor should be able to help with the figures.

Plans and Strategies

As an experienced realtor, he won’t simply sell your property without discussing his plans. You should be aware of what strategies would be integrated when closing a deal. Some of these include:

  • Identifying potential buyers.
  • Determining what could make clients interested in your home.
  • Maximizing marketing techniques.
  • Posting photos, details, and videos on multiple listing services
  • Performing an open house for tours.
  • Giving away brochures.
  • Preparing the house for presentations.

Doing these things means a lot to homeowners. With such effort spent, you’ll feel that this agent is sincere. Thus, you’ll surely be comfortable working with him.

Listing Contract

When you contact a real estate agency and have decided to enlist your house under them, you’ll be signing a contract. Let’s assume that with this agreement, you may be listed for six months or until the property is sold. 

Now, you should know if you can cancel the listing. What if you’ve found a better agent and want to shift? When you’re locked in the contract, then you can’t back out.

However, it’s awkward to inform your agent that you won’t be needing their services again. Thus, it would be better to have both realtors if it’s allowed.