It’s easier to become overwhelmed when buying your first home in Bellevue, WA. With its pleasant climate, unlimited outdoor recreation, and proximity to world-class amenities, living in Bellevue offers a unique sense of lifestyle. As Bellevue real estate agent April Jeong-Callies will tell you, relocating to this Washington haven can significantly boost your quality of life. This is usually because the city has more to offer than just its stunning architecture and diverse housing market. If you’re curious about life in this city, below is what you should know before moving to Bellevue.

Things To Do In Bellevue

Bellevue enjoys the finest of Washington’s surroundings, from lush landscapes to modern recreation amenities and facilities. Nature enthusiasts will love the exceptional Bellevue State Park, which features everything from hiking trails and picnic sites to playgrounds. Furthermore, the Plumery Tails is a good place to see various wildlife and natural surroundings. Leading an active life in Bellevue is simple, with many outdoor activities ranging from golfing at the Bellevue Golf Club to exploring the Bellevue Fish Stacks Sculptures. For wine lovers, the River Ridge Brewing caters to all your interests in a luxurious setting. Besides, Washington’s vibrant, electric, fun atmosphere allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year.

Best Restaurants In Bellevue

Ultimately, Bellevue is a true foodie destination offering many dining options. Each Bellevue restaurant provides a unique culinary scene, leaving locals and visitors yearning for more delicacies. Indulge in the fresh food offering at Goldmoor Dining or savor the flavors of German at Kalmes Restaurant. Sunset Grille is a must-visit spot for those who prefer contemporary American cuisine. If your appetite craves a unique American food experience, check out Charlie’s Place for a great meal tailored to your tastes. Locals love the 2nd Street Station and the Summit Food and Spirits for quick bites and some wine. With so many options, Bellevue’s culinary scene is one of a kind and will surely impress everyone who visits its top-notch restaurants.

Buying A Home In Bellevue

Below are some crucial considerations when buying a home in Bellevue:

Your year-round needs

Whether you want a forever home or a temporary residence, finding a property that caters to your needs year-round is good. Look into various home features like air conditioning and outdoor spaces to ensure the property can meet your needs regardless of the weather season.


While each Bellevue neighborhood is charming and diverse, ensure your choice aligns with your lifestyle needs and requirements. This includes the neighborhood being near the amenities you and your family need. Also, check the commute distance to your workplace, school, shopping malls, and hospitals.

The general property aura

There is no shortage of gorgeous homes for sale in Bellevue. However, invading the market with your favorite home aesthetics in mind is helpful. Tailor your home search according to your desired style, size, square footage, and interior and exterior finishes.

Potential red flags

While your prospective property may seem aesthetically pleasing, it may contain serious drawbacks that can only be revealed by a professional home inspector. A thorough home inspection will highlight every issue, from electric systems to plumbing problems. Don’t overlook the need to invest in a home inspection in your quest to own a luxurious home in Bellevue.

Make Your Move To Bellevue

If you want to start your homeownership journey, partner with April Jeong-Callies. With long-term experience and extensive market knowledge, April will guide you seamlessly through home-buying and ensure you locate a perfect place to call home. Contact them today to start your home-buying journey!