Falmouth on Cape Cod’s gorgeous coastline offers residents and visitors an unmatched blend of natural beauty, cultural depth, and communal vibrancy. This city epitomizes Cape Cod living, from its nautical past to its bustling cultural scene and magnificent outdoor activities. It attracts individuals seeking a peaceful seaside retreat or a bustling community with different neighborhoods. This coastal retreat has something for everyone, from the historic Falmouth Village to the laid-back Woods Hole to the tranquil West Falmouth. If you want to move to this city, there are several types of homes for sale in Falmouth, from historic waterfront mansions to charming seaside cottages to suit different lifestyles.

Why Falmouth is a popular residential place

Shorelines and Beaches

Falmouth boasts 68 miles of coastline and 95 miles of shoreline, including the local kettle ponds. This extensive beachfront makes it evident why the beach is the preferred destination. These beaches are safe and easy to visit because most have parking and lifeguards. Remember that Falmouth residents can park in a specific spot at Old Silver Beach for beach sticker holders, making it even easier to access the beach.

Various Villages

North Falmouth, West Falmouth, East Falmouth, Falmouth Village, Hatchville, Woods Hole, Waquoit, and Teaticket are Falmouth communities, and your lifestyle determines where you live. Want restaurants, shops, and historic sites nearby? Falmouth Village and Woods Hole are pleasant areas near town amenities. Want to commute to a bigger city? From Bourne Bridge, you can travel to North Falmouth and Hatchville to get off the Cape and onto I-195 into Providence or I-495 into Boston in minutes.

Like being near other Cape towns? Route 28, which passes through Mashpee, South Yarmouth, South Dennis, Harwich, and Chatham before heading north toward Orleans, and the Mid-Cape Highway is accessible from Waquiot and Hatchville. Each of Falmouth’s villages has merits, so explore and discover one that suits you. After your search, you should find everything you need to know about Falmouth and its surroundings.

Historic Sites

Falmouth is rich in history, beginning with its historic districts. Colonial-era homes and buildings in Falmouth Village Green, North Falmouth Village, Waquoit, and West Falmouth Village are on the National Register of Historic Places. The size of Falmouth’s historic venues makes a living there as if it were time travel. Davisville, Quissett, and Woods Hole are historic districts, and eleven sites—Nobska Light, Teaticket School, Central Fire Station, Elnathan Nye House, and Crowell-Bourne Farm—are on the National Register. Falmouth is a fascinating area to live in due to its historic architecture and modern amenities.

Directions and Distances

As Falmouth is located in the Upper Cape region, it is within a distance of less than 15 miles from Bourne Bridge and 20 miles from Sagamore Bridge, allowing for a quick exit from Cape Cod. This bridge makes commuting to larger cities for work possible, though not ideal. Providence, for instance, is 70 miles from Falmouth’s center.

Downtown Providence is a little over an hour away, so you can work in a big city and enjoy Cape Cod’s beaches and landscapes every night. Boston’s downtown is 72 miles away, so commuting is possible. Since Falmouth is adjacent to major cities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, seniors seeking a retirement community can consider buying real estate there.