The beautiful city of Spokane is a lively riverfront destination located in Eastern Washington State. Spokane is well known for having big city amenities; hence, residents do not have to go through the hassle of accessing them in bigger towns. The town is an excellent tourist destination and recognized as one of the best places to live in Washington, with a growing population of 229000. If you are considering relocating to Spokane, here are the top things you should know about the lifestyle in Spokane.

Cost Of Living

Spokane, Washington, retains an economical way of life, with a cost of living that is just 3% more than the national average. A yearly salary of roughly $50,000 is recommended to live comfortably in the city, corresponding to a living wage of $15.26 per hour. Housing costs are higher than the national average but are offset by 5% cheaper utility charges. Accessible public transportation helps to offset the 2% increase in transportation expenditures. While supermarket costs are 4% higher, Spokane’s commitment to a diversified local food scene guarantees inhabitants enjoy great living while remaining economically viable.

Real Estate Market

Spokane’s real estate market presents an enticing opportunity if you want to relocate to Washington. Despite its somewhat competitive nature, Spokane WA homes for sale typically spend an average of 51 days on the market, indicating a dynamic but manageable environment. The median listing home price is $527,527, with an average price per square foot of $226. As of 2023, home prices have decreased by a modest 2.5% from the previous year. Spokane offers diverse housing options, including charming American Craftsman-style bungalows, single-family homes, condos, and luxury residences in secure neighborhoods.


Education is a cornerstone of Spokane’s appeal, providing a broad and diversified array of possibilities for learners of all ages. The city has respectable public and private schools, providing a reasonable academic development basis. Institutions like Gonzaga University contribute to the city’s intellectual vibrancy, offering higher education options. Spokane is an excellent site for your kids to succeed at every stage of their educational journey because of the city’s emphasis on educational quality and its safe and family-friendly atmosphere.

Outdoor Activities

Spokane’s outdoor scene is a year-round adventure, enticing enthusiasts with diverse activities. Mount Spokane State Park, a favorite among locals and tourists, boasts over 100 miles of hiking trails, 90 miles of mountain biking trails, and numerous camping sites. The Spokane River is also a hub for water activities like kayaking and fishing.

Additionally, annual events like the Lilac Bloomsday Run unite the community in fitness. With green spaces like Manito Park, Spokane preserves nature and fosters a shared appreciation, making outdoor pursuits an integral part of the city’s vibrant lifestyle.

Work With A Reputable Real Estate Agent

Spokane is currently one of Washington’s most desired areas with a favorable lifestyle. If you are interested in searching for a new home in this area, contact local Agent Tanya Starkela to guide you through the process. Agent Tanya will ensure you get the home of your dreams with her many years of real estate expertise and reputation for unwavering work ethic, ethics, and honesty.