Commercial real estate is a tempting investing sector for individuals looking to buy or lease commercial properties. With the temptation of higher returns – on the one hand, equal risks are associated with commercial real estate. If you have had a fair share of good and bad investments in commercial real estate, you are already aware of the risks associated with this market. For the unversed, there is always a way to study the risks of investing in commercial properties and possible ways to avoid the said risk. Necessarily, you do not have to lose only because you are a new investor in the market or you do not know your way around a big commercial market in Melbourne. Here is a small but handy list of some common risks and how to play safe while investing in commercial real estate in suburbs of Melbourne, including Windsor, Caulfield, St. Kilda, Hampton and others. 

Commercial real estate in the suburbs of  Melbourne is a great way for investors to boost their asset portfolio when investors integrate a clear assessment of risks lingering with a hot property market such as Melbourne commercial real estate before making a move. 

Investors stepping into the commercial real estate market to rent their commercial property or in the position of a buyer should be aware that the market is highly volatile. With the right guidance, Axis Property can assist investors in making the right decision. This specific nature of the property market is best appraised by studying key drivers of the market. The salient drivers of the commercial property market, such as supply and demand, interest rate, location, and economy of the state, offset the status of the market and can have a persistent negative impact on property evaluation for a certain time frame. 

Supply and Demand

Every other key driver of commercial property has a correlation with supply and demand. Using metrics of supply and demand in the present market, a simple idea of where the market is headed in terms of return on investment can be decoded. A higher supply of commercial properties indicates the market is likely to see a downfall in property evaluation. The risks associated with high supply are mostly felt by property owners looking for buyers and tenants. When buyers and tenants have multiple options to choose from and befitting prices and properties to pick from, owners will be forced to put their properties on the market for a lesser price or cut rents. 

If you are looking to invest in new commercial properties in Windsor and other suburbs of Melbourne, the probability of finding a hot property in lesser price is higher when supply is high. 

Interest Rate

The interest rate on mortgages directly impacts buyer confidence. You can never favour buying or leasing a commercial property from mortgages with higher interest rates. Financing a loan with a high-interest rate can land you in an unprecedented financial crisis in the short term. Always consider getting a loan with a low-interest rate.


The location of commercial property has a huge impact on property valuation. A property suited in the central business district appeals to investors more than those located in areas with less possibility of market expansion. While buying or leasing a commercial property in the suburbs of Melbourne, the location must be a prime focus of investors. Investors on the lookout for spaces for distribution or retail centres should place their business where it offers more visibility to their products. 

For a lower price, investors should avoid investing in commercial properties located far away from major business hubs. 

Properties suited near industrial areas and power stations have lower valuations. When deciding spaces for business purposes, the risks to human lives and property itself are a major concern. If you are looking to buy an office building or storehouse, make sure it is at least 700 feet from power grids or industrial sites. 

Acting Patiently

Commercial real estate responds to change in each key driver of the market. Playing patiently in such a volatile market can do both good and harm to investors. Knowing when to buy and sell is crucial to make a good profit off your commercial real estate investment. Holding too long in the market experiencing a downturn can leave investors with long-lasting financial woes considering mortgages. 

Axis Property helps both new and experienced investors with its insights into the present commercial real estate of Melbourne. They consider various aspects of the market while preparing an assessment of the market to make it easy for their clients to invest and safeguard their investments. Axis Property facilities every commercial real estate investment; leasing, buying, or renting in Windsor, Hampton, Collingwood, Elwood, and other suburbs of Melbourne with minimum risks.