Are you prepared to move into your new apartment? But confused about choosing between ready-to-move Keego Harbor Apartments or under-construction property? Both ready-to-move and under-construction properties come with their own set of advantages. Let’s read the article till its end to know why you should buy only ready-to-move apartments.

You Can Move Immediately

Purchasing a ready-to-move apartment can benefit you in moving into the home right now. You don’t have to be bothered by the waiting period. You can make the payment instantly, giving you savings in rent. So, you can avoid the time for getting possession of the property.

Gst Free

One of the significant advantages of purchasing ready-to-move property is that they are free of Goods and Service Tax—these types of ready-to-move property. Generally, the ready-to-move properties are immovable, so the govt will not charge GST against that, and the construction is not mainly done for you only. So, you can claim tax benefits while purchasing a ready-to-move apartment. Even if you are buying the property with bank assistance, then you can avail of the tax benefit in the same year or for getting the possession.

Low Risk

Purchasing an apartment is one of the major decisions one must make in their lifetime. Certain things can go wrong after paying the money, such as a sudden mind change, an increase in the final price, etc. So, this is the significant advantage that you can get the Keego Harbor Apartments without time constraints, so there will be less risk.


The under-construction apartment can take years to be delivered. In the meantime, the buyer cannot sell the property or rent and lease it. Because people prefer already constructed property as a rental. So, the buyer needs to pay the EMI while the property cannot make money. But the ready-to-move property can bring money as rent or lease just after purchasing the same, which ends up with a quick settlement of EMI and getting the ownership of the property.


These all are the benefits of purchasing a ready-to-move apartment. However, the ready-to-move Keego Harbor Apartments can cost you more than the under-construction ones. But the price is worth the investment as it saves money, gives tax benefits and reduces extra effort. So, if you plan to purchase an apartment, always go for a ready-to-move one.